Learn about the Northern Lights, meet reindeer and experience the life of a reindeer herder

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Auroral Crown is an activities company specialized in northern lights. We organize pre-booked northern lights presentations for groups in Revontulitupa Auroral Crown at a reindeer farm located in Oivanki village in Kuusamo, North-East Finland. While visiting our reindeer farm, you can also see reindeer and learn about reindeer husbandry, have meals, stay overnight and buy delicious reindeer meat products.

Northern lights are an impressive phenomenon that illuminates the nature covered by snow and ice. However, seeing brilliant northern lights with your own eyes is not easy or certain – many times tourists have had to return home disappointed. We offer a more certain way to see them and learn about them. We offer an introduction into northern lights by a trained northern lights guide who uses a wide-screen video and photographic presentation made by northern lights researcher, doctor Esa Turunen. The place where the presentation is given is a hut built from wooden boards more than five decades old.

Our company is located on a reindeer farm where, in addition to the northern lights presentation, you can have many other interesting experiences. You can feed reindeer, learn about reindeer husbandry and the everyday life of a reindeer herder and go on a drive in a reindeer sled. You can also have a meal on the farm or spend a primitive reindeer herder’s night outdoors. We also provide frozen reindeer meat to take home. You are warmly welcome to enjoy the services of our company!

Reindeer driving in the reindeer farm

Get to know our services and choose yourself the most pleasant options

Northern lights - aurora borealis - are the most magnificent natural spectacle, a light phenomenon that illuminates the dark Arctic sky at night. The magical beauty of the northern lights leaves you dumbfounded time after time. Our northern lights guide’s presentation including photographs, videos and animated sequences leads you to a journey from ancient beliefs to the latest scientific truths. You can also listen to genuine space radio sounds while admiring the magic of the northern lights at Revontulitupa Auroral Crown. As a souvenir you will get a Lappish Amethyst lucky gemstone.

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Price: 40,00 €, children under 12 years 20,00 €, under 4 years 0 €
  • Group size: minimum charge 160,00 € (equal to a 4 person group)

It is possible to go on a reindeer drive with a sled guided by the reindeer herder. After the drive the reindeer herder takes you to the enclosure to feed the reindeer. The reindeer herder tells you about the reindeer, the reindeer year, reindeer husbandry and the everyday life of a reindeer farmer. When the reindeer have finished their treats, we move to the Reindeer Herder’s lean-to shelters and have campfire coffee and Reindeer Herder’s Sweet Pastries by the campfire.

You will drive a reindeer sled for a distance of 500 metres on a track in the near-by forest.

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Price: 40,00 €, children under 12 years 20,00 €
  • Group size: minimum charge 160,00 € (equal to a 4 person group)

A reindeer safari allows you to ride a distance of 2 kilometres. The route goes through beautiful forest landscapes.

  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Price: 90,00 €, children under 12 years 45,00 €
  • Group size: Maximum 16 adults and 8 children (minimum charge 180,00 €). There are places for 2 adults and 1 child in one sled. We have eight sleds available.

In front of Revontulitupa Auroral Crown there are two large lean-to shelters and between them there are campfires. Outdoors in the open shelters, in the glow of the campfire, we enjoy Reindeer Herder’s Salmon Soup. As a dessert we have campfire coffee, tea and juice, and Reindeer Herder’s Sweet Pastry. If the weather makes us stay inside, we will have the meal in Auroral Crown Cottage or in a Lappish hut. During the meal the reindeer herder will tell you about reindeer, the reindeer year and the everyday life of a reindeer farmer. While eating, the diners can see the reindeer walk around and hear their reindeerbells clink. If you are lucky, you may also admire the light of the stars and the moon and even see northern lights flicker in the sky.

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Price: 40,00 €, children under 12 years 20,00 €, under 4 years 0 €
  • Group size: minimum charge 160,00 € (equal to a 4 person group)/max 40 people

From the third week of June you can come and stay for one week at the reindeer farm to work as a reindeer herder. You get to participate the summertime activities of the reindeer farm with the reindeer herder. During the summertime the reindeer fences are fixed, the food for the winter is prepared and the reindeer calves born in May are marked. During your stay you can go fishing, enjoy the sauna by the lake and experience the white nights when the sun doesn’t set at all. 1-4 people at a time can work on the reindeer farm.

The money we get from the reindeer herder weeks is spent for the well-being of the reindeer by buying lichen, minerals and vitamins for the reindeer for the next winter. Book your own week in advance by e-mail. Welcome to work as a reindeer herder!

  • Duration: 1 week
  • Price: 120,00 €/person
  • Group size: max 4 people
  • Accommodation in the main building: 30 €/person/night

You have many options to stay overnight on the reindeer farm. You can sleep in the Revontulitupa Auroral Crown Cottage on the reindeer skins, in your own sleeping bag. There is a fireplace and underfloor heating in the cottage. Optionally, you can spend your night in Reindeer Herder’s lean-to shelters in front of the Auroral Crown Cottage. At the lean-to shelter the campfire will keep you warm. If you want to sleep outdoors like a reindeer herder, you can hike to Reindeer Cabin that is one kilometre away from the farm. At Reindeer Cabin there is a sauna and a fireplace in the cabin room. If you decide to stay overnight at Reindeer Cabin, you will need a pair of skis or snowshoes in the winter. Food supplies, a knife and a box of matches are useful to bring as a part of your equipment.

  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Price: 40,00 €
  • Group size: minimum charge 160,00 € (equal to a 4 person group)

You can also stay overnight in the main building of the reindeer farm. There are approximately 100 square meters in this renovated building. It includes an indoor wood-heated sauna, a bathroom with a shower, a sauna lobby, a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom. There are beds for 6 people. Pets are welcome. Smoking is not allowed.

The equipment of the main building: an electric stove, a fridge, central heating, cold and hot water, a microwave oven, a coffee maker, a TV and a washing machine. It is also possible to book a sauna by the lake. Sheets are not included, but it is possible to book them separately. The firewood for the sauna is included in the price.

Buy frozen reindeer calf meat directly from the reindeer farm. The meat is ready cut and packed into portion-size vacuum or wrapped packages, with different types of meats in their own portion-size packages. There are filets, chops, roasts, thinly sliced meat, stew or soup meat, and ground meat in their own packages. The meat cut and packed in this way is assembled into boxes that weigh either approximately 12 kg (half a reindeer) or approximately 25 kg (a whole reindeer).

We begin rounding up the reindeer in October. The reindeer boxes are ready to be delivered in November and December. Reserve your box in advance by email. Tell us your name and whether you would like to have a 12 kg or a 25 kg box.

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Reindeer herder
Reindeer calf
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